About Founder, Dr. Dana Carson

Dana Carson, M.Div., MBA, D.Min., Ph.D.

The R.O.C.K. International Founder, Leader, & Church Planter


Apostle Dana Carson is the Senior Pastor of the Reflections of Christ’s Kingdom World Outreach International, (The R.O.C.K.), in Houston, TX. – a Bible-centered, Spirit-filled, Community-building, and Kingdom-minded church that reflects the racially and culturally diverse design of the Kingdom of God. A true Apostle, with over 25 years of full-time and pastoral ministry experience, Dr. Carson plants and oversees Bible-centered, Spirit-filled, Community-building, and Kingdom-minded churches worldwide. Currently, Dr. Carson provides an apostolic covering for over 100 churches located both nationally and internationally – Georgia, Minnesota, New York, Texas, Philippines, Cameroon, Liberia, and South Africa.Originally from the inner city streets on the south side of Chicago, IL., Dr. Carson overcame tremendous obstacles. Yet, despite dropping out of high school, he has unquestionably become one of the most scholarly and dynamic preachers of our time. After completing a Bachelor of Science from Wiley College, in Marshall, TX, Dr. Carson earned his Master of Divinity at Oral Roberts’ Signs and Wonders and Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminaries, as well as, a Master of Counseling from Texas A&M – Commerce. He then completed three doctorate degrees – Doctorate of Christian Psychology from Logos University, a Doctorate of Ministry from Boston University, where he studied The Church and Economic and Community Development at the Harvard School of Divinity, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. In addition to a Global Executive MBA from Duke University.  Dr. Carson utilizes his extensive training in both ministry and corporate environments.

Through DCKM Consulting, Dr. Carson, a certified church growth specialist, assists ministries in both the U.S. and internationally in various areas of church growth and health, focusing on everything from increasing their membership and developing their administrative infrastructures to implementing strategic processes to effectively organize, grow and mature into healthy ministries.Through Carson Consulting Group, Dr. Carson offers consulting services to businesses on a corporate, community, and entrepreneurial level in the public and private sectors. Carson Consulting Group utilizes proven strategic methods, corporate development tools and cutting-edge research to equip domestic and international businesses and governmental agencies with the core competencies needed in order to remain relevant and effective in today’s society, most notably in the areas of key critical leadership performance dimensions and focused management systems.In 2005, Dr. Carson established the Kingdom Leaders Institute, renamed in 2013 to the Kingdom School of Ministry, a premiere online Bible institute that prepares pastors, leaders and serious laypeople for 21st century Kingdom leadership in ministry through stream-lined seminary level courses in biblical doctrine and ministerial training. In 2007, Dr. Carson received the Five-Fold Ministry Award sponsored by the Theologian Awards Production and the Tour of Hope Foundation.Renowned globally as a theologian and scholar, Dr. Carson ministers extensively through seminars, crusades, radio and television. His preaching and teaching has been broadcast on TBN, the Daystar Network, The WORD Network, and primetime network TV. Frank and real, Dr. Carson is widely known for teaching the practical application of the Word of God on a level that anyone and everyone can understand. A prolific author and internationally known orator of the Gospel, Dr. Carson’s anointing represents a combination of Spirit-filled fire and formal academic training. With this rare anointing, he touches the hearts of people from all cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds worldwide!

Visit Dr. Carson online at:  http://www.drdanacarson.com